Ferrell Auditorium Reservation Form

In addition to our meeting spaces within the Student Union, our event team manages reservations for the Ferrell Commons Auditorium. This facility can host events with a full stage and up to 500 attendees. Please note that Ferrell Auditorium reservations are limited because of the facilities joint use by UCF Sports Clubs. That said, availability for this space is limited and reservations must be made at least 2 weeks prior to the event date.

Before completing this form, please review the Ferrell Auditorium polices. By submitting a reservation you acknowledge that you have reviewed and agree to our policies.

Contact Information

Please ensure that the information entered in this section is accurate, in the case we need to contact you for clarification.

Specific Information
Other Information

You must agree with and accept the stated policies, which are linked in the description above the form.