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Student Union

Cape Florida Ballroom

Room 316

Located on the third floor of the Student Union, the Cape Florida rooms regularly play host to a wide variety of mid- to small-scale events. Cape Florida’s adaptable room schemes allow its nearly 5,000 square feet of space to host simultaneous events such as round tables, board meetings, university guest speakers, and banquets. When converted to a ballroom, The Cape Florida stands alone as a smaller, more intimate venue while retaining the ballroom-like atmosphere so many of our patrons often desire.


Cedar Key Meeting Room

Room 223

Practically no meeting is too big -- or too small -- for the Student Union. Providing ample outdoor light through its large exterior windows, Cedar Key offers attendees another quiet and intimate alternative meeting space for small groups and gatherings.


Egmont Key Meeting Room

Room 224

The Egmont Key room is our only meeting space to feature faux wood finish flooring making it the ideal location for dance practices. Additionally, the room comes equipped with standard audio and visual equipment including a drop down screen, ceiling mounted projector and built in house sound. With a capacity of 50 people set theater style, Egmont Key is a great space for mid-sized meetings.


Garden Key Meeting Room

Room 221

The Union's Garden Key meeting room is perfect for mid-sized meetings, conference and events. With windows looking out onto the UCF campus, the room provides an open and relaxed atmosphere for attendees while also featuring adaptable spaces and structure for your more formal meeting needs.


Key West Ballroom

Room 218

Vibrancy is one of the things everyone feels when they walk into the UCF Student Union. Nowhere is this felt more perhaps than in the highly convertible spaces that comprise the Key West suite of rooms. Located on the Union’s second floor, the Key West is alive with activity and remain some of our most requested and popular rooms. Utilized for everything from training to board meetings to student activities initiatives, they can be combined or converted in several configurations to accommodate a wide variety of needs and requests.


Pegasus Ballroom

1st Floor

Utilizing the very best in high-functioning, adaptable space innovation, Pegasus Ballroom has played host to such luminaries as former President Bill Clinton and renowned artist David Garibaldi. Designed to meet the ever-changing needs of the UCF community and its supporters, the Ballroom is located on the Union’s first floor, right at the very heart of the UCF campus. Virtually every space of the Pegasus Ballroom has the ability to be multipurpose. It’s nearly 12,000 square foot of meeting space is easily converted into nine separate meeting venues or conference rooms. With such stunning adaptability, Pegasus delivers a unique experience for patrons -- whether they are there for a conference or attending one of the many concerts for which the Pegasus is equipped to deliver the very latest in high quality equipment and sound. Rental prices for Pegasus and its sub-rooms vary according to size and need.


Pensacola Board Room

Room 222

Upon entering, users of the Pensacola Board Room are met with a stunning view of a tropical tree-top paradise through its one-of-a-kind horizontal window, running parallel with the board room’s large table. Equally as important is the Pensacola’s size. At just over 800 square feet, the Pensacola is our largest boardroom, equipped with state-of-the-art flat screen television and board chairs built for comfort, creating a meeting atmosphere of tropical paradise unparalleled on the UCF Campus.


Sand Key Meeting Room

Room 220

Though perhaps one of our smaller meeting rooms, Sand Key stands in a class of its own as it is audiovisual ready at a moment’s notice. With a projector pre-installed and ready for use, Sand Key can convert even the smallest of meetings into one of merit and significance.


Siesta Key Board Room

Room 225

Just because the Siesta Key Board Room is our most economically priced doesn’t mean it is any less stunning in the type of high impact meeting space it provides. Intimate, accessible and host to anything from student group meetings to official board gatherings, Siesta Key provides a sleek, simple gathering place for your smaller meeting needs.