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Student Union

Each year, the Student Union helps facilitate over 26,000 bookings for all members of the UCF community. From helping the Campus Activities Board host a famous actress to assisting a Registered Student Organization solicit members on the south patio, we do it all. In addition to reserving space and helping to facilitate these great events, the Student Union hosts some signature programs throughout the year.

Market Day

Each Wednesday, the Student Union allows outside vendors the opportunity to reserve space on our South Patio. Vendors can engage with UCF students on our busiest day of the week. Each Market Day our patio hosts up to 22 vendors looking to develop their brand here on our campus. In addition, Market Day is the only opportunity for outside vendors to solicit on the University of Central Florida grounds. Explore this section of our website to find out more about Market Day and how to reserve your spot today.

Study Union

For a 10 day period, before and during finals, the Student Union partners with SARC, SGA, OSI, and the Parent and Family Fund to stay open 24 hours and provide students with a space to prepare for exams. Study Union is committed to promoting student's well-being and academic excellence during what can be a very stressful time. During Study Union, many events and programs are offered to help students both prepare and relax before their exams. Explore this section of our website to find out more about the upcoming semesters schedule.

Pursuit of Happiness

The PurSUit of Happiness Campaign is designed to promote happiness on campus at UCF through events that are random, recreational, and reflective. These events can be found at the Student Union or the All Knight Study's.

Knights on the Mall

Game day on Memory Mall is better than ever! Before heading to BrightHouse Stadium to cheer your Knights on to victory, take part in Knights on the Mall by reserving your tailgating spot. The charge starts here!

Scheduled Events

Want to know what is going on right now at the Student Union? Check out our virtual reservation book right here on our website. Launch the scheduled events link above to see what is going on at the Heart of Campus.