Memory Mall

The Student Union is responsible for facilitating the reservations on Memory Mall. The Mall is the large grass area between the Student Union and the CFE Arena. While your reservation is processed by the Student Union, we cannot provide any furniture, fixtures, or equipment for your event.

All events scheduled at Memory Mall require the completion of a SAFE Form. Mall reservations require a completed signed hard copy of your SAFE Form due to the Event Services Office 20 days prior to your event. If the SAFE Form is not received within that deadline, the hold on the space for your event will be released. A fully signed and completed form must be submitted to the Office of Student Involvement (20) days prior to the date of your event.

For power, water, sprinkler, and trash removal, you will need to submit a work order to UCF Facilities and Safety via their online Work Order Request System. These services are separate from your reservation and may incur charges to your department or organization.

Before completing this form, please read the policies pertaining to Memory Mall reservations. By submitting a reservation you acknowledge that you have reviewed and agree to our policies.

Reservation Policies

Memory Mall Reservation Form