Atrium Events

The primary purpose of the atrium is to allow for the safe traffic flow of students through the Student Union. The mission of the designated Atrium programming space is to create an engaging environment through intentional events designed for students entering the heart of campus.

Reservations for events in the atrium will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.  All atrium events must meet the following requirements at the discretion of the Student Union staff:

  • Setup of the event must be designed to exist in the unique Atrium reservable space.
  • Programming details are required prior to booking and must fulfill one of the following:
    • Promoting a student event or initiative in a unique and engaging way.
    • Activity that is experiential in nature and adds to the environment of the building.
    • Educational initiative that is relevant to the UCF student body.

For more information about the reservation policies and restrictions for Atrium Events, please view the Student Union’s Atrium Policies prior to submitting a request form.

For more information about the reservation policies for indoor Vigils, please view the Vigil Guidelines prior to submitting a request form.